About Us

We’re a small, community based church in the picturesque town of Bridgnorth in Shropshire. We believe a church should be a welcoming and friendly place to be and we want to help you develop a relationship with the creator and saviour God. The People’s Hall is a place where people come and meet with God to praise and worship Him and to learn. Whether you’re new to the area, on holiday here or you just want to know more about us we would love you to drop in and see us this Sunday.

Find out some more about us here:

Regular Meetings
The weekly and monthly meetings that we run

Other Christian ministries that we support

Church Oversight
Those placed in positions of responsibility by the church fellowship.

Our Origins
How The People’s Hall got started

What We Believe
Our statement of faith that all of the members hold to.

What We Do
Our mission statement “To know Christ, to show Christ, to share Christ” and how we apply it.

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