We’ve always been a missional church, supporting and sending a number of people into full time ministry all over the world over our 100 year history. Here’s some details on the groups and people that we currently support.

EFCC: The Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches
The People’s Hall Evangelical Church is affiliated to The Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches, a fellowship of about 125 independent churches in the United Kingdom that trace their spiritual ancestry back to the Brownists of the 16th Century.
EFCC Website


FIEC: The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches
The People’s Hall Evangelical Church is affiliated to The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches. FIEC is a fellowship of gospel churches. based mainly in England, but also with affiliated churches in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.
FIEC Website

The Haven
A Christian ministry of comfort, hope and real freedom to those needing help with addiction to drugs and alcohol in the Bahamas. The People’s Hall support this ministry through their director Mark Lacey.
The Haven Website

David and Wilma Lyttle
Independent missionaries to Greece and Eastern Europe with Mizpah Outreach.
David and Wilma’s Website


Birmingham City Mission
Birmingham City Mission exists to clearly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Birmingham and its suburbs and to offer help and support to the needy and marginalised, regardless of age, creed or race.
BCM Website

Bridgnorth Food Bank
The Bridgnorth Food Bank launched an emergency food service in March 2013 from the distribution centre in West Castle Street. They’re open every Monday (including Bank Holidays) from 10:30-12:30 but please note if you require their assistance you have to be referred to them by one of the agencies that they work with – this is not a drop-in facility.
Bridgnorth Food Bank Website

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