What We Do

To know Christ: by personally, and as a body, seeking a deeper knowledge of Jesus Christ and a closer walk with Him.
To show Christ: by ministering to each other within the church and demonstrating by our lives, Christ’s love to those outside the church.
To share Christ: by bringing the Gospel to the unsaved, so that they will hear the message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

This church will strive to be:

1) A Spiritual Church, by deepening our relationship with God and subsequently,by ordering our lives (both personally and as a body of Christ) according to the principles laid down in Scripture.

2) A Missionary Church, seeking to reach out to others in the area known as Low Town, then to the greater Bridgnorth and beyond. We shall do that by showing the qualities of 1) above, by reaching out into the local area and by sending others further afield.

3) A United Church, without division, in Christian love and concern for each other, seeking to glorify God.

4) A Regularly attended Church, committing ourselves to come together as a closely-knit family to meet with God to Worship, praise and Listen to Him.

5) A Friendly Church so that, by our attitude and actions to each other and to others, we will be a welcoming church to those outside the fellowship.


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