Church Oversight

The People’s Hall is run as a congregational church. The church is a founding member of the FIEC (Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches) and a member of the EFCC (Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches) The Membership of the church govern independently of any other body and appoint an Oversight consisting of a Pastor, Elders and Deacons. The governance of The People’s Hall is laid out in the church Constitution.


The men recognised as Elders are, Paul WanklinSteve Tull and Geoff Lloyd.

Paul was saved as a result of courting his wife Dorothy, some 33 years ago. Soon they were married and now have four children: Daniel, Zoe, Hatty and Luke. Paul has been an Elder since 1994, and is recognised as the “Senior” Elder. Paul’s responsibilities are the Children’s and Young People’s ministry. His Gifts are Giving, Faith and Teaching.

Steve has been a Christian for 40 years. He is married to Mary and their two girls are Rachel and Cilla. Steve was appointed as Elder in 1999. He is also one of two church organists. Steve’s area of responsibility is Church Fabric and his gifts are Prophesy, Mercy and Faith.

Geoff has been attending The People’s Hall since he was a boy and was saved aged 15. Geoff has regularly ministered at Innage Grange Residential Home. He was appointed Elder in 1999 Geoff is responsible for Administration and Fellowship. His gifts are Helps, Administration and Pastor/Teacher.



The men recognised as Deacons are Derek GarbettAndrew Garbett.

Derek, along with his wife, Ruth became members of Peoples Hall in the year 2000. Their children are Elaine, Rachel and Andrew (Andi). Derek proved himself capable of the task of Deacon as he tirelessly got on with the job without seeking recognition. However, his service was acknowledged and he was appointed as Deacon in 2002. Derek is responsible for the fabric of the church.

Son of Derek Garbett, Andrew runs the visuals for Sunday services and is responsible for the church website including adding sermons.

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